Grocery Purchases

Grocery Purchases

Customers who wishes to purchase some food items from the supermarket can use our services. Customers may call in their grocery list and our rider will purchase the goods and deliver it to the customer. The customer then pays for the grocery and the delivery charge. In some cases, the rider may be required to pickup the customer's list before purchasing. In those cases, the customer gives the money to the rider to make the purchase.

Please note that this service is always available and availabilty depends on the time of day or type of day it is. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to provide this service to our customers when they request it.

The delivery charge depends on the distance and the quantity of the grocery ordered. Most delivery charge in Portmore is standard. However, the charge may vary for deliveries in surrounding communities. Additionally, our goal is to try to make each delivery within thirty (30) minutes provided that there are no prevailing circumstances that may cause unavoidable delays.

Customers are also reminded that they should not cancel the order once it has already been made.

To make a grocery purchase order, customers are encouraged to call our delivery line at 876-870-9768